5 Beginner Friendly Projects For Getting Started With Sewing

5 Beginner Friendly Projects For Getting Started With Sewing

Sewing is an incredible hobby. However, it takes time to develop the skills and talents required to make more complex designs. Sewing requires continual learning. Each creation is a way to practice and learn. The trick to sewing is to start small, using simpler projects to learn things like the basics of measuring, reading patterns and operating a sewing machine.

Below we have a selection of beginner sewing projects for you to start developing your sewing skills. Pull out your beginner sewing machine, materials and sewing essentials and let’s take the first steps in building your sewing abilities. There is no need for anything fancy with these projects – they’re simple designs to kickstart a lifelong hobby.

Tote Bag

Ideal for everyday shopping, and helping the environment by circumventing the use of plastic bags, a canvas tote makes a brilliant project for new sewers. This project will go further than most other projects. Even complex sewing projects such as complicated dresses won’t see as much use as a simple tote bag which you can take with you daily. This amazing little project is ideal for beginners – not too complex and no need for loads of materials. Whether you’re carrying books to lectures or are shopping you need a dependable bag – why not have one you made yourself? Find Tote Bag Patterns

Drawstring Bag

A drawstring bag makes a fantastic starter project. This simple project is functional and fun. If you are just getting started with sewing, a drawstring backpack will help you find your feet. If things go awry, no problem, these bags are inexpensive, so it won’t cost you too much to have a few trial runs. Simply get together some cotton fat quarters, and a few other materials and you’ll have a drawstring bag in no time. Once you get the hang of it you will be sewing up drawstring bags left and right. See more drawstring bag patterns

Travel Wallet

When you’re on the go you have a lot to carry with you: credit cards, cash, passport, tickets and more. Of course, you want to carry it in style, with a splendid travel wallet that shows off your style. Even as a beginner sewer you can make your own travel wallet with this simple step by step guide. Including a complete list of the few materials you will need, the guide breaks down each step of the process so even beginners can carry their travel essentials in style. Find our free pattern to sew up this travel wallet today

free patterns learn to sew beginner dressmaking guide

Simple Dresses

Dresses may feel out of reach for new sewists. Complex dresses can be intimidating but there are some simpler designs which are far more approachable. Complete with tips for taking your measurements and eight free projects to try for yourself, you can get started with this guide to beginner dressmaking. These simple dresses look amazing and you will surely look back on them fondly in years to come as you progress to more difficult dress projects.

Zip-Free Cushion Covers

Cushion covers are a staple project on anyone’s journey into sewing. As a beginner, you want to focus on getting the basics right and perfecting your methods. Building a strong base of fundamental techniques is going to carry you far and stay with you for years even when you’re working on complicated projects. Cushion covers make the perfect project for building these fundamental techniques. Start with a zipper-free option – you’ll get to sewing zippers later – and start experimenting with fun cushion cover designs.

Sewing, as with many things, takes time to perfect. Even the greatest sewers are still perfecting their methods. With regular practice and gradual progression (and lots of cups of tea!) you will develop your sewing skills. The key is to challenge yourself just enough. You don’t want to try and run before you can walk.

By starting with these simple projects, you can build your skills and challenge yourself just enough to see improvements without feeling out of your depth. With enough practice, you will be able to take your learnings from these projects and move on to bigger and more complex projects, each with their own lessons to teach.

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