Win a copy of The Button Box

We’ve got five copies of The Button Box by Lynn Knight to give away

A wooden box holds the buttons of three generations of women in Lynn Knight’s family – each one with its own tale to tell… Competition closes 3rd April 2017

The Button Box traces the story of women at home and in work, from the jet buttons of Victorian mourning to the short skirts of the 1960s, taking in suffragettes, bachelor girls, little dressmakers, Biba and the hankering for vintage.

As she tells the intimate story of changing times, Lynn Knight shows how these simple buttons are portals into the past, charting women’s fortunes and progress, and acting as signals of self-expression, defiance, entertainment and of frugality and frivolity rolled into one.

‘Knight takes us on an ingenious tour of domestic and social history over the last century… From this core of very personal material, Knight writes of ordinary women’s lives and changing prospects over three generations, of clothes as self-expression, as defiance, as entertainment, as evidence of frugality and frivolity all rolled into one’ Guardian 


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  • what a fabulous way to learn about our ancestors, their clothing, their way of life, just like looking into a crystal ball but in reverse…….magnificent.

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