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7 Replies to “Love Sewing 62 giveaways!”

  • Just taken up sewing after a few years break and loving being back! Given a subscription to Love Sewing by my daughter for Christmas, love the magazine!

  • Getting back into sewing after many years absence. Bought love sewing magazine and loved the teaching article, need refresher training after so many years as was self taught back in the day. Love any giveaways, I am a gadget girl at heart, especially if aid one in the task and make them easier to accomplish. Any freebie is welcome when starting from scratch again.

  • I have subscribed to Love Sewing magazine for a number of years.Iam still excited when it is delivered each month.Patterns are great I keep them in the sleeves birthday cards come in ,it is a great way to store them and easy find when you need a particular pattern.

  • Retired last April,haven’t sewn for 40 years! Loving rediscovering hidden talents and my friends tell me I am so much happier and full of energy! Who’d have though sewing could enrich my life so much.
    Love Sewing 😍

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