Love Sewing 93 giveaway – Win £150 of fabric!

Don’t miss your chance to win a £150 fabric bundle from Fabric Guys!

For your chance to win, enter your details in the competition form below before 12th May 2021. You can also share it with your friends, family and favourite groups to get more entries!

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9 Replies to “Love Sewing 93 giveaway – Win £150 of fabric!”

  • Have you seen the quote “Buying fabric and patchwork are 2 separate hobbies!” ? I am guilty of both, so to win a stash would be amazing!

  • Winning a stash will help me become a Fabricologist ie: a) one who has perfected the art of stashing fabric, and b) an expert accumulator of cloth intended for future use.

  • I sew for and am teaching four little grand-daughters to sew. They love it and their interest is growing. The oldest one requested a sewing machine for her birthday. Winning a stash would be so exciting for us all to explore.

  • I started to sew last year when my husband became ill. It has nourished my soul. Some beautiful new fabric would help me reach for the stars

  • Having the right amount of storage is a must , can’t wait to have a proper sewing room rather than using any space available at the time.
    And my husband will be so relieved that I am able to put all my sewing stuff away rather than having it out everywhere. Would be nice to win.
    But we will see let the best women win.

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