Win a £549 Janome sewing machine!

Don’t miss your chance to win the Janome 740D sewing machine, worth £549!

This fully computerised model is great for beginner and more experienced sewists, with a wide work area, 40 built-in stitches, LCD screen and LED light. There are three styles of auto one-step buttonholes, 20 direct pattern selection keys, an easy set bobbin and a handy lock stitch button too!

Discover more about this model and Janome, here.

For your chance to win, enter your details in the competition form below before 14th April. You can also share it with your friends, family and favourite groups to get more entries!



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54 Replies to “Win a £549 Janome sewing machine!”

  • Thank you for entering my details. I would be absolutely over the moon if I won as I am desperate for a new machine.

  • Would love this for my daughter – she has her own style and to be able to adapt and create her own pieces would be amazing

  • Iwould so love to win this, as during lockdown, I have gone back to making items for my home, as made redundant can not afford to keep my home furnished as I would like.

  • I hope I win the Janome 740D sewing machine, it does so much more than my old straight stitch machine. I’d be able to make t-shirts with stretch fabrics and use stretch stiches and create neat button holes. I would be able to have a go at all sorts of new garments…

  • I have had a new machine on my wish list for a very long time. To win this stunning machine would be a dream come true. Thankyou for this great opportunity to have the chance to win one!

  • WOW for me to win this sewing machine would be a first.
    I have never won anything in a competition before.
    But there is always a first time isnt there I must think positive.
    I do have a basic sewing machine and it has done me proud. I am teaching my two granddaughters aged 7 and 14 to sew at the moment, so to have two machines would mean we could sew together and you always learn easier by example. So I will wait with great anticipation 🙂

  • What a great idea I would this machine to launch a contemporary garden wear in our 10x greener group.

    Fabulous prizeI love the keyhole button Stitch, Its great for durability, definitely needed.

  • I’ve never won anything but winning this machine would be like winning the lottery. What a great prize.

  • This machine looks amazing. I currently don’t own a machine, as I’m new to sewing. So it would be amazing to win this x

  • I would be happy to win this fab machine and start making my own clothes again. We moved house 3 years ago and I got rid of my old machine and then regretted it.

  • I would love to be lucky enough to win this fabulous sewing machine It would be my very first win ,as I never win anything

  • After making a couple of hundred dresses for an infant school in Gambia , my poor old Machine is sadly beyond repair .
    I’d love a new machine, but I’m not sure I’ll volunteer for a similar project again ,as i love making my own curtains and furnishing , so having a working machine again would be simply great

  • Would love to win this fab sewing machine . My Grand. daughter is at college doing graphic design she has so many wonderful Ideas that it would be good for her to beable stitch out her designs. hoping.

  • I would love to win this machine as I am teaching my granddaughter to see- so important to keep the skill going!! I could let my granddaughter have a machine of her own to continue learning at home.

  • I sold my simple machine in I am struggling to get new one…and crazy about sewing..I hope I win.

  • Thank you for a really good opportunity to win this Janome 740DC sewing machine!!! Would be a good start for me to do my long long hobby and dream of making a lovely clothes
    & dress. When I was a kid, I used to have a barbie doll and liked to make untreated clothes for make a new dress for the doll. Also likes to think of myself as a designer who designs beautiful dresses for models. I was very happy at that time for one child. But however I have to sew it by hand because there is no sewing machine at home because at that time my family didn’t have a lot of money, but it was a very happy memory for me!!!:) And today that memory is back again, when I see the opportunity to win this lovely machine because is bringing me back and my childhood dreams again that is been hiding deep down in the bottom of my heart. Xx

    Ps. I still be really happy for whoever is winning ( if I don’t:) ) xx

  • Would love to win this Janome 740DC! I love my older Janome sewist I bought used 6 years ago and during this year of staying home it has been working overtime sewing scrubs, masks and more. I also have been teaching my sons girlfriend how to sew and if I won I would let her have my current machine to let her keep learning and we could then sew projects for my sons new home together! x

  • I really want to win this prize in order to teach my female relatives some fine crafting skills. The range of embroidery stitches is cute and easily applicable to many projects ; from babies to adult shirts and ladies’ smocks.

    Janome is a well respected manufacturer in this industry. And durable machines are treasure troves.

  • My dream machine Recently got back into sewing only to find my old machine had died. Could only afford to buy a second hand basic machine. Would love something more advance. Thanks for allowing me to enter 🙂

  • What a dream to win this gorgeous machine. I’m pretty new to sewing at the young age of 60. Bought a second hand one and of course it broke and no warranty. Started to learn and came to a halt. Keeping my fingers crossed, not a lucky person but am so lucky at Love and that’s the most important thing in the world that money or machine could buy.
    Good Luck to all…

  • This would be wonderful to win. I have a Janome machine that my husband bought me over 25 years ago. It uses embroidery cams, it is really a work horse machine. It would be great to have an embroidery machine that just presses a button. The janome sewing machines really are wonderful to use. Whoever wins this machine will be happy to keep sewing. At the moment I’m having the joy of teaching my grandaughter to sew. My sewing journey began with a very good school teacher Miss Attwood. This was over 48 years ago. I would love to be able to speak with and thank her for the inspiration she gave me.

  • I would love to win this machine I was firloughed in the lock down and used an old machine to sew for all my grand kids and some nieces and nephews I saw the advert for pound a metre and bought material to sew different things for all my grand kids from the same material. would be such fun to have a good upto date machine

  • It would be lovely to have a more updated sewing machine,to carrying on learning the lovely skill of sewing!

  • I’d love to win a wondeful machine like this. My basic Janome machine was a wonderful starting point for my sewing but it is close to having outlived its usefulness. keep up the good work. Karen XXX

  • I have recently started sewing, I saved up my birthday money for a little machine. It has helped me during lockdown ( no school) so much, but would like to start being more adventurous so would really love a better sewing machine please

  • What an amazing machine. I would love to win this for my young daughter, she took up sewing during the first lockdown and it’s wonderful to see her enjoying her new hobby as well as producing some lovely sewn gifts for friends and family. Her dream is to one day have her own successful business selling sewn goods of her own design 🙂

  • What a great world….sewing it relax me and my daughter and more it offers us such a great quality time spending together and creating gorgeous things.
    Having such a machine is a dream for us!!! Hope we will be lucky enough to have it, one day!!!

  • Thank you for the lovely prize and i hope i really do for it to be mine i really need it
    take care every one i hope you are doing fine

  • I’m Disabled And This Super Machine Would Really Help With my Quilting and Dressmaking . I Do Struggle with my Small Machine .
    Thank You for your Brilliant Giveaway.

  • My current machine is falling apart having used it every day since March 2020 when I started sewing face masks, surgical caps etc for the NHS. It needs repairing but I wouldn’t have to get it fixed if I won a lovely new Janome! Love my Janome overlocker.

  • I would so love to win this. At the moment I am using my mum’s 1950 Singer treddle machine!!

  • I’d love to win this! After watching the Great British Sewing Bee for many years it’s given me more confidence to be more adventurous (not enough to be on the show though 🤣)

  • I would love to win this as my partner really wants to get back into sewing and is too chicken to buy a sewing machine – if I won this o know she would take sewing up most of her free time !

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