Free Ava Dress!

Another gorgeous, free dress pattern!

Our Summer Sewathon is in full swing!  Have you taken advantage of the exclusive 10% discount for Love Sewing readers?

There are over 50 sewing shops across the country taking part, pick up a copy of Love Sewing for all the participating shops.

Here’s a great excuse to go fabric shopping…   (not that anyone really needs an excuse to go fabric shopping!) 

ava gardner fashion

Holywood Glamour!

Download the beautiful Ava dress sewing pattern today, absolutely free.  Ava Gardner was a sultry beauty from the 1950’s, famous for her femme fatale roles and her marriage to Frank Sinatra.  We think she’d love this glamourous style – will you go for classic 50’s polka dots? Whatever your choice, have fun fabric hunting and do share your makes with us on Facebook!

Just click and follow the instructions

download free pattern


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