love sewing issue 68

Love Sewing Issue 68

Love Sewing Issue 68

The brand new Issue of Love Sewing hits the newsstands in the UK on Thursday May 30th! Use our handy store finder to loacate an issue near you.

This issue comes with two versatile pattern gifts boasting a fantastic range of garments.

Sew yourself a gorgeous garment with your exclusive Vogue 5-in-1 pattern. This issue also comes with a stylish Vogue 3-in-1 skirt pattern which will enable you to make three styles of skirt giving you options for every occasion.

vogue pattern issue 68 love sewing

skirt pattern

What else can you find in Issue 68?

Three dressmaking projects including a stunning button-down dress, keyhole blouse and perfectly coordinated pencil skirt

button dress pattern

Follow our in-depth bag making tutorial to make a shoulder or cross-body bag

cross body bag tutorial

Whip up an adorable parrot pincushion, travel tags and gadget cable case

travel tags pattern

We have an exclusive interview with Vogue Patterns designers Sandra Betzina and Ron Collins and we learn all about the history of Vogue Patterns!

Don’t forget to enter our amazing giveaways and enjoy our fabric and pattern discounts for independent and big-name brands!

Every issue includes tutorials and advice from our industry experts –Wendy Gardiner, Alison Smith MBE, Elisalex de Castro Peake, and Claire-Louise Hardie.

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10 Replies to “Love Sewing Issue 68”

  • Love Amy’s magpie dress on the first page. Is there any way we can get more information about the pattern used and the fabric? Thanks!

  • The Vogue skirt pattern is great and want to make it up, but have a fitting problem. My front waist line is dropped (reaching as much as 4″ at centre front) . To accommodate this I usually redraw front waistline so that the material pattern follows correctly but also the hem is then level around the skirt. With a yoke this would not work. Can you suggest a suitable alteration so that I can make this lovely pattern up in a printed fsbric? Thanks

  • Have just bought issue 68. Is this v9246 supposed to be a multi sized pattern. The one enclosed is sizes zz. Which looks like it only covers large sizes ?

  • I regularly buy Love Sewing when I do my weekly shop and have been for the last couple of years or more. This month I am not picking it up because the pattern I really want, the Vogue V9246 is only being given away in ZZ which is useless for either me or my dressmaking daughter. That jacket, trousers and top are just the sort of work wear we are always looking out for.

    We are both 5’2″, wear smaller dress sizes and in common with many home dressmakers are making clothes as RTW do not fit. In our case we both have larger than B cup busts and petite frames. Only providing patterns in larger sizes is not inclusive sizing.

  • Yes I actually bought the issue expecting smaller sizes for vogue pattern as the packaging had a notice on saying best size range guaranteed for sizes 6-22. Consequently I was very disappointed to say the least. Won’t make that mistake again. £8.99 waisted!

  • I am sorry I bought this issue. I thought the outfit the lady had on was in it especially the top. Not knowing it was a different top. The cover is misleading. Will have to read thoroughly before I purchase this magazine. I have not receive it yet but cannot cancel order as it was shipped already. I am no sure if I will buy again.

  • I’ve bought the magazine before wanting to make one of the patterns on offer to find that it’s only available in larger sizes, which means I check the patterns before I buy now. My hip measurement is smaller than most of the size 6 patterns (not my bust) before I have to make adjustments for being petite and needing a FBA.

    I thought the main picture was the Vogue pattern?

  • I am also very disappointed with the sizing of the Vogue pattern. I live in Canada, and subscribe at significant expense. This is not the first time I have received a pattern that is significantly outside of my size range. I am seriously rethinking my plans as a subscriber going forward.

  • I was misled into buying this copy too and I am disappointed that on opening the packaging I find that the 9246 is for larger sizes only. Despite having to pay additional costs, I really want to make the garments but can’t find the smaller size pattern on this site either, can anyone guide me to where I can find them? I very much doubt I will buy this magazine again.

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