Meet our New Love Sewing Blog Columnist!

Joining the Love Sewing blog team is Lisa Nathan-Goucher – we’re excited to share her first post with you here!  If you would like to write for the Love Sewing blog on a regular basis, or you have an idea for a sewing post or tutorial you would love to share with our readers please get in touch on Twitter or Facebook – or leave a comment below.

 A little bit about Lisa…

Lisa started sewing on January and slots it in between chasing her one year old daughter, teaching and working as a freelance journalist. She lives in Lancashire with her husband. – we think it will be fascinating to see how Lisa uses tutorials and patterns from the magazine, honing and developing her skills and creativity along the way – she will soon be sharing her experiences of sewing up the free Brigitte dress Pattern which you too can download here.

“After a lifetime spent in fear of a needle and thread, I’m on a mission to teach myself dressmaking, one project at a time,” says Lisa. “With only a one-day course under my belt, I’ve set myself up with a basic sewing machine and commandeered half the kitchen table. Here, I’ll share the good, the bad and the downright ugly along the way.

More of Lisa’s sewing adventures can be read on her blog, Stitched Up From The Start: A virgin seamstresses’ journey. 

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Pigtails, Ambitions and a Little Sewing Blog

When I was a little girl in pigtails and corduroy I was already a writer. I’d pen dramatic letters and secrete them under my drawers for future generations to unearth. Well, I was a goodie two-shoes; the idea of peeling back the carpet to stash them under the floorboards was enough to curl those pigtails! My mum used to find them. And bin them.

I also used to draw grand ladies draped in dreamy dresses of my design. Dresses I ached to have the skills to sew. Now I’m 35 but still that same little girl… a notebook and a dream in the crook of my arm. But still without the sewing skills to realise the dreams. But, after a lifetime of yearning, I finally learned some basic sewing skills earlier this year. And the natural thing to do once I was absolutely smitten with the whir of my sparkling new Janome was to start a blog. Because that’s what I do. Write…and jump in at the deep end. And now sew a bit.  

Coco Dress Love Sewing

The Coco Dress made by Lisa a Novice dressmaker

The deep end doesn’t get much deeper than this though. Gah! Joining the Love Sewing team is a little bit terrifying…I’m sure the seams of this project will slowly unravel as the depth of my sewing ineptitude becomes more and more obvious, and less and less charming! Surely I can’t join in with their games? Won’t they find me out?! But even through this anxiety, I couldn’t be more excited. And I’m so grateful to Love Sewing for hosting my blog as part of their spanking new website. When Helen at Love Sewing first proposed the idea, I could practically feel those long-gone pigtails unravelling in a frenzy of glee. But for the age of email, it could’ve been embarrassing…okay, I think an ‘eeek’ may have slipped in to my reply.

Like all of you, getting the first issue of the mag in the post  was a hugely anticipated event in my world, met with shrieks of excitement and a decided ‘Ssh’ as I sat down, determined to ravish it in the tumult of my little family’s chaos. It didn’t disappoint. What will I do with my fat quarter, I wondered; how fast can I put all these discounts to good use? What fabric will be right for my Brigitte? Well, it seems only right that Brigitte will be the first grand lady I share with you all. She is, after all, the Maiden Lady of the magazine. But I have so many projects lined up…and I promise you’ll be seeing them warts and all. As a total newbie, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of warts! 
So thank you, Love Sewing, and thank you to all of you for reading. I’m thrilled to welcome you to my journey as a virgin seamstress, muddling my way through one project at a time. 

Thanks Lisa – great to have you on board, we’ll have more from Lisa, showing how she gets on with our Brigitte Pattern free with Issue one and also available to download for free here and you can join in!

We would love to see you projects, especially any of the Brigitte Pattern, please share them with us on our social media channels, or add a link in the comments below!




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