Sew Yourself a Fun Christmas Jumper

Make a fun jumper to wear on Christmas day!

Pom Pom Penguin Christmas Jumper

Did you love the Christmas pudding jumper from issue 21? Why not make a cuddly penguin version! 

Project and photography:

Lucy Blagdon

Lucy says:

“Christmas jumpers are so much fun to make and they’re a great way of using up odds and ends of fabric and craft materials. Why not use sparkly tinsel pom poms for an extra festive touch?”



– Black felt 20 x 22cm

– White felt 20 x 20cm

– Yellow felt 8 x 10cm

– Green Felt  5 x 10cm

– Gold faux leather 4 x 8cm

– Matching Threads

– Bonding web 22 x 30cm

– 1 pair of  16mm googly eyes

– Super Glue

– 10 x white craft pom poms in various sizes

– 1 x  sweatshirt

How to make:


1. Once you have cut out all of the templates, begin to trace each one onto the paper side of the bonding web. The dashed lines on the templates provide a guideline for placement of each template during the construction, they simply signify where any pieces may overlap.


2. Once you have each template drawn onto the bonding web, cut each one out and Iron onto the designated colour felt or fabric pieces . Now use this outline to cut each motif out of the fabric.

3.  Peel away the paper backing of the bonding web so that the glue coating is exposed on each motif (see pic B)


4. Assemble the motifs to the front of the jumper, with the glue side facing down. Use the templates as a guide. Once you are happy with the layout, Iron to fix for approximately 6-8 seconds being careful not to nudge the design as you move the iron. 


5. On your machine, use a running stitch to further secure the motifs in place. Use corresponding thread for each piece and sew a few millimetres in from the edge 



6. Using either strong craft glue, or super glue, fix the eyes to the face by applying a small amount to the back of the googly eyes and holding in place for a few seconds.


7. Complete the jumper by adding a few fluffy white pom poms to replicate snowballs. Place the pom poms randomly around the design and secure in place with a few hand stitches. I recommend using a double thread for extra security and durability! (See pic F)

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