great british sewing bee 2018

The Great British Sewing Bee 2018

The rumours are true!  Love Productions has been in talks with the BBC and The Great British Sewing Bee will be back.  We don’t have any dates yet, so not sure if we’ll be seeing a new crop of star dressmakers this year or next!

great british sewing bee 2018

Claudia Winkleman is out and we’ve been hearing that Joe Lycett is set to take on the presenter role, no word yet on the judges! Now if you haven’t heard of Joe Lycett and you’re easily offended by swearing, whatever you do don’t visit his social media pages! It will be interesting to see what he’s able to add to the show, lots of laughs we are guessing.  There’s something great about having someone completely alien to dressmaking looking goggle-eyed at the talents of the contestants, so should be good (even if they need a few words bleeping out here and there!)

We will keep you updated on how to apply to The Great British Sewing Bee as we know how many amazing talented dressmakers there are – just looking at some of the gorgeous creations you all share in the new closed Love Sewing Facebook group is testament to that!

To apply to join the sewing group just click below! The group is a closed group, so only approved members will see your posts.  Be sure to answer the questions when you request to join or your request won’t be approved – we’re trying to avoid any people who just want to share spam and only include people with a genuine interest in sewing and dressmaking.

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29 Replies to “The Great British Sewing Bee 2018”

  • Please do not introduce foul language into this great programme. So look forward to it’s return but abhor obscene language.

    • I agree! One of the things I love most about GBSB and GBBO is how awfully civilized they are. Just wish they were easier to view in the US.

    • I am delighted that there is a possibility the Sewing Bee is returning. I particularly loved Claudia, she has such a funny but lovely way with her.
      You need to have a presenter that will appeal to all ages of people that love sewing. Someone that has to use foul language as part of their humour is not a presenter you want for this type of programme. I will watch with interest as to who is chosen as the presenter and then decide whether I will watch it or not

  • Really looking forward to this on our screens again. I have recently started sewing so these sewers may inspire me further.

  • I love the sewing bee, but cannot stand foul language, so why choose someone to present the programme that’s known for this.
    Why change a system that has worked so well before? Complete madness!

  • I’m aglow with delight and expectation. Good old auntie, thanks for listening and not letting us down.

  • Love Sewing Bee and will certainly miss Claudia – she has been a joy to watch. Not sure about the newcomer though, hope he doesn’t spoil the show for us all. X x

  • So glad to hear the Sewing Bee is coming back. I have seen Joe Lynette many times on tv and I have never heard him use foul language, he is a very funny man!

  • Joy unrestrained! My weeks will be fulfilled once again. Not sure the presenter’s suitable though. Loved Claudia’s mystified look to camera.

  • I really have missed Sewing Bee but I would be offended if a foul mouthed presenter was brought in. I hope the producers think again.

  • “Whoopee “this news has made my day,so glad sewing bee is returning I too have really missed it.Looking forward to seeing new talent and learning new hints and tips from everyone.

  • I have really missed the Sewing Bee so this is brilliant news. I also love Joe Lycett so I’m already smiling at thought of putting the two together. Claudia will be missed though.

  • You don’t have comedy in the kitchen so why in the sewing room? I think Twiggy would do a great job.

  • It is wonderful news that the GBSB is returning. However, you will seriously offend your key audience if you have a presenter who swears, even if it is bleeped out. We are not those sort of people. Please don’t spoil a good program. Get someone else. Choosing someone who is just going to look in amazement because he doesn’t understand anything at all, will not add to the programme’s appeal.

  • Delighted Sewing Bee coming back, it is the best bit of ‘reality’ tv ever. Hope it helps to bring back education of sewing/ woodwork/metalwork in our schools and lets see a new generation of can do kids.

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