Get the Eva Look!

Get The Eva Look

Finished your wiggle dress? Love Sewing’s hair and make-up artist Alison McMath tells us how she created the stunning vintage look for this month’s cover and how you can create your own

“Some styles never go out of fashion and just to prove it, I gave our model Rachel, some classic Marilyn styling to go with the wiggle dress the iconic star made so famous.”


Work on hair that’s been washed the day before as it is much easier to style.

Make a deep side parting.

Starting at the front, separate an approx 2” section and gently back-comb the root.

Spray the root with a little firm-hold hairspray.

Lightly spray the rest of the section with thermal hairspray to protect and help set the curl.

Use heated tongs to curl the section in a downwards direction.

Secure in place with a double pronged hair grip.

Repeat with more sections of hair until the whole head is covered.

Lightly spray with firm hold hairspray and allow to cool.

Whilst your hair is setting, apply your makeup.

Remove all grips and gently tease hair into the shape you require.

Backcomb sections to create more height and remember to hairspray to keep in place.

For a slightly different look, try a pretty hair flower clip or chiffon scarf to accessorize the look.


Keep it simple. The essence of this look is to create a flawless, fresh and healthy-looking complexion. Subtle use of a highlighter on the brow and cheek bones will give a lovely lustre and a touch of blusher on the apples of the cheeks will add a rosy glow.

Eyebrows have a high arch and will frame the eyes perfectly.

Create a cat-eye shape by adding flicks of eyeliner to the outer corners of the eyes – practice makes perfect! Keep the lines nice and fine, you can always add to it if required.

Use a white eye pencil in the waterline and outer corners of the eyes and add individual lashes too. This will really open the eyes to give a wow factor.

Be daring and apply a classic red lipstick to finish this look perfectly. If you don’t want to go for a full-on red, try applying a lip balm first which will dilute and soften the red.

For a real Marilyn look, create a beauty mark by using a dot of black eye pencil, either just below the eye or just above the lip.

A light dusting of translucent powder over the t-zone completes the look.

What I used

1) Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer – helps to minimize pores to give a flawless finish.

2) Revlon Colorstay Makeup, Buff – apply with a foundation brush or damp cosmetic sponge.

3) Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream – evens out darker pigmentation under the eyes.

4) L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder – applied with a large powder brush, gives a matte, shine-free velvety complexion.

5) Mehron Cheek Powder, Just Peachy.

6) Jane Iredale Rose Dawn Quad Bronzer – Creates a natural-looking radiance. Highlight the cheek bones and brow bone. Use a fan brush to create contour and shape to the face.

7) White and Toffee shades from the Mehron E.Y.E powder 8 colour palette. Apply white over the entire eyelid to create an even base. Toffee is applied into the socket to create a crease and add depth.

8) Jane Iredale Gel Eyeliner, Brown – Use a fine detail brush to draw a fine line close to the lashes and outwards to create a flick.

9) Jane Iredale Eye Pencil, White – in the waterline of the lower eyelid and in the outer corners to really open the eyes.

10) Black mascara and lash inserts on the outer corners of eye lashes, create a cat-eye effect.

11) Use an angled brush to apply eyebrow colour.

12) Jane Iredale Lip Pencil, Crimson – to outline the lips

13) Jane Iredale Lip Fixation, Passion – A lovely classic bright red which will stay put and doesn’t bleed.

14) Sleek MakeUp Lip 4 Palette, Tease – Applied with a brush to add shine.

Alison McMath is a specialist in vintage hair and make-up styling and makeovers. You can see more of her work at her website,

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Issue 6 is available to buy at Moremags  – every copy come free with the Eva Dress paper pattern

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