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Sewing Room Storage Ideas

by Katy Cameron

My sewing room is actually half of what one might generously call my living room… Because the entire space is only about 10x6ft and contains a cutting table, sewing table (it used to be the dining table until I stopped pretending) and a shelving unit for my main fabric cuts.

I have to be extremely organised with my sewing room, so at times I end up spending more time than is probably healthy trawling through Ikea and B&Q to find storage solutions, as well as repurposing things such as my old DVD towers for my fat quarter storage.

Storing thread spools in your sewing room

For my thread spool storage, I went with a couple of Art Bin Super Satchel Boxes With Removable Thread Trays, which are super efficient if you’re lacking in space. My most commonly used thread spools are actually stored a couple of tie racks from Dunelm!

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How to store zips

A series of hooks on the back of my door keep zips tidy and each hook is set to the perfect height for all the various lengths. I got out my Dymo and happily labelled the lengths onto all the hooks so I could see at a glance what I had without having to grab a measuring tape each time.

how to store ribbons

Storing Ribbons

Giant embroidery hoops make excellent hanging space for ribbons and trims and the hanging rod was from Ikea (I think it was meant for the kitchen?).

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