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We’ve been busy pinning to our “Boys Gifts to Sew” Pinterest board, giving you lots of ideas and inspiration for sewing up a little gift for a boy – there are so many great patterns and tutorials available for free!

Sewing up a gift is not always the cheapest option, but the beauty is you can really personalise the gift with your choice of fabrics and little customised details.  It’s always really enjoyable and rewarding to use your sewing skills to make gifts or garments for others, so it’s well worth the time and effort!

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santa scarf snood template

In Issue 7 we have instructions for sewing up this fun Santa Snood for a child, certain to raise a few smiles and you can of course customise the decoration!  You can donload the pattern template here – Santa Snood Template


diy stick horse

Lia’s website is absolutely packed with gorgeous tutorials – we recommend a visit if you are looking for craft inspiration.  We loved these fun stick horses – great for getting kids imagination fired up as they gallop around the garden!

Lia Griffith – DIY Stick Horses


sew a pair of mittens monster dragon

Martha Stewart has a great pattern and tutorial for making these monster mittens.  You could adapt the pattern to be a “Toothless” dragon if your child loves the “How to train your Dragon” books and films – just use black fabric and green eyes 🙂 – Monster Mittens

fabric balls

The beauty of these little DIY fabric balls is you can adapt the pattern and make them in whatever size and whatever team colours you like.  This would be great for a really young child to roll around as well as being a lovely decorative object for an older child if made in their team colours. – DIY Fabric balls

sew a monster zip mouth pouch

Make up a lovely monster with a zip for a mouth, every kid will love these, you could even ask them to design their own.  They are also perfect for keeping important things in – if made bigger they could work as a little pj pouch – or smaller and they’d be great as a tooth fairy cushion!

Find the tutorial here – Monster Zip Pouch tutorial

Happy Sewing!



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