Free Kids Pyjama and Onesie Sewing Patterns

Sew up a pair of Pyjamas for your kids!  Easy tutorials to follow and instructions for drafting your own patterns.

There is an ever growing tradition of giving kids new Pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve.  It gives them a present to open and makes sure they feel special going to bed – they’ll want to jump into their new PJ’s asap on Christmas Eve! You’ll also have kids looking great when you’re taking snaps on Christmas morning – we all love those shots of kids opening their stockings in PJ’s at 6am!

Even more special than brand new cosy pyjamas on christmas Eve, are PJ’s or onesies you have made yourself, you can choose fabrics you know your kids will love.  Or make some Christmas pyjamas using festive fabric so everyone really gets into the spirit. Most of these patterns can be modified to fit adult sizes too.

We’ve put together a collection of some of our favourite cosy kids’ pyjama sewing patterns from lovely dressmaking and sewing bloggers all over the blogosphere who have shared tutorials, tips and techniques in their posts.  Plus we had to share this cute pattern from Issue 39!

kids pyjama sewing pattern

This versatile pattern can use different fabrics and motifs to suit the child – crowns, dinosaurs, stars or space rockets will all work, just keep to a simple shape – free download here

Free Kids Cosy Pyjama Patterns


Easy no pattern PJ’s in any size by It’s Always Autumn – you can use t-shirts and trousers that fit your kids to self draft a pattern, plus you can use old adult t-shirts to save on fabric, really economical!


Just look at those fabrics – you would never find anything as lovely ready made. Melly Sews shows you how to draft a pair of pyjama bottoms, it’s a very clear step by step guide.  She also includes a little draw string bag tutorial which makes them extra ‘giftable’ – maybe a little gift for a niece or nephew / grandchild.


Also from Melly Sews are these Pyjamas with an elasticated ankle and sleeves – they look a little like thermals, we love the festive fabrics! (if you like the blog Melly Sews, you’ll love her project in our latest issue – a gorgeous off the shoulder dress!)

DIY Onesie Sewing Patterns


We hunted for hours to find a free pattern for sewing up kids onesie’s but couldn’t find any other than those for tiny babies.  We did come across a few videos that show you with a hoody and pair of tracksuit bottoms you can self draft a onesie pattern.  The video shows you exactly how to make a onesie from start to finish.


We also posted these free PJ tutorials for kids and adults here


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