Pet Gift Ideas to Sew

A fun selection of patterns and tutorials to sew up a gift for a pet or pet owner!

free dog bed sewing pattern

Dog Bed Sewing Pattern

First up we have a gorgeous dog bed sewing pattern, isn’t it cute! Your dog will feel very loved with one of these beautiful beds to snuggle up in. we’re pretty sure there are some cats that would like a bed like this too!

download free sewing pattern

free dog coat pattern

Free Dog Coat Pattern

Your dog will feel very smart in this charming dog coat!

download free sewing pattern


Dog Coat Tutorial

DIY Dog Coat Pattern – We found this great blog post showing you exactly how to draft a pattern for your a dog coat.  Showing you where to measure to get a good comfortable fit.

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Dog Bandana Pattern

This fun pattern for a dog bandana or neckerchief is really simple, it just slips over the dogs collar so no tight knots to worry about – perfect for stylish dogs and owners! – dog neckerchief pattern


DIY Dog bed

This very smart pet bed pattern with a leather handle is over on Design Sponge – a dog or cat bed that is stylish as well as comfy!


DIY Kitty Cube

DIY Kitty Cube – these can be quite pricey in the shops, if you make your own you can coordinate it beautifully with your decor – perhaps using that left over curtain fabric!

diy dog collar

DIY Dog Collar

There really isn’t any actual sewing in this fun diy ‘dog collar’ tutorial – but we had to include it – doesn’t he look smart!  (Just be sure that the collar is not tight)

diy dog lead tutorial

DIY Dog Lead

Wouldn’t it be great to have a lead that was a little more unique – why not sew your own dog lead!   You could make it into a lovely gift if teamed with a matching purse or bag.

pet toy to sew

Cute toy Mice for Pets

Don’t these mice look dapper – perfect little toys for a cat to play with, a great gift for a cat  or a cat lover – cat toy tutorial



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