How to Master Curtains!

In Issue 1 of Love Sewing Laura Strutt tells you everything you need to know about sewing a pair of curtains, from measuring, to lining, getting the perfect pleats to that all important ‘drop’.  Here on the Love Sewing blog we have gathered a few great free curtain tutorials together for you to try.

These three curtain tutorials are perfect for beginners, let us know how you get on if you are planning to make your own curtains.  We also have a Pinterest Board packed full of tutorials for making curtains and blinds that you may want to check out for even more inspiration and some more challenging curtains with ruffles and panels!

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Curtains are Easy to Sew!

Nothing beats new curtains to give a room an instant refresh, and sewing your own pair of curtains is easier than you might think.  The obvious bonus when you sew your own curtains is that you can choose the perfect fabric to suit your room.  We bet you spend more time deciding on the fabric than actually making the curtains!

“Curtains are not, I repeat not, difficult to sew.  If you think about it the seams are all straight, so if you can use a tape measure and sew in astraight line, you can make curtains.  Successful curtain making is all about accurate measuring and cutting – get both of those right and you’re on your way.  Curtains are only as complicated as you want them to be.  Just start simple, ideally with a plain fabric, and progress as your confidence improves” – Laura Strutt

 sewing curtains tutorial

In this back tab curtain tutorial from Kelly of ‘View Along the Way” – Kelly  takes you step by step through sewing up a pair of curtains just like this. They look great and she has a great method for creating the tabs at the back of the curtains using wide bias tape.  Just read all the comments on her post to see how many people have loved her fun but very detailed tutorial!

 tab top curtain tutorial

Tab top curtains are perhaps the most simple curtains to make for a novice.  Amanda from the fabulous UK dressmaking blog ‘KitchyCoo’ says of her own tab top curtain tutorial “It will take you longer to figure out the measurements than make the actual curtains!” whilst Amanda doesn’t show step by step images as she had already sewn these curtains up, she does explain the process so even a beginner making something on their machine for the very first time could keep up!

Simple Curtain clip curtains

In this tutorial blogger Gina makes sewing up curtains even more simple than sewing tab top curtains by using curtain clips, she shows on a small scale piece of fabric exactly how to create a neat finish to your curtains, effectively just sewing two rectangles and adding clips – what could be easier (well all easy except ironing so much fabric which is never fun!)  Be sure to press any curtains you make properly so they look the best they possibly can – really simple curtain tutorial

You can buy curtain rings with these handy clips from Ikea (and probably many other places) They look like this – you could change your curtains with your mood this is such an easy method!

curtain rings with clips

Curtain fabric Hit List

A few fabric companies featured in the ‘How to Master Curtains’ article in issue one of Love Sewing

curtain fabric company uk

curtain fabric company

curtain fabric uk



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