Clever Sewing Room Storage Ideas

Not all of us are blessed with a huge sewing room and some of us have to make do with a corner of the kitchen table but regardless of the size of your sewing space, we all need inventive storage solutions for all the bits and pieces we amass over the years as we sew.  

Buttons, fabric scraps, embroidery floss, pins, spools, bobbins and even bolts of fabric – they all need a place to be stored so you don’t waste time looking for everything.  It’s also such a great feeling to have your sewing supplies organised!

In this post we have found some great inspiration from across the blogosphere for storing all of your sewing essentials.

fabric craft caddy

Hand Printed Craft Tidy – Tutorial from Issue 9 of Love Sewing

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The post was inspired by our latest Issue 9 which is a budget sewing special!  We’ve included a great tutorial for making up these fun little fabric craft tidies above, showing you how to print your own fabric using just a pencil and some fabric paint!  

Issue 9 of Love Sewing is available at and comes with a free paper dress pattern plus bonus pattern sheets inside! 

Clever Storage Ideas!

tin can craft tidy

Doesn’t this Tin can Craft Tidy look great – it’s pretty easy to make too and cheap as it’s made from old tin cans, wrapped in fabric and then with a few holes punched in the tins and some wire, you have a really useful and very unique craft caddy that will match your sewing space!  See the tutorial with step by step pictures over on Cynthia Shaffer’s blog.

bobbin storage idea

Hunting for bobbins can drive you nuts if you just chuck them in a box with all of the rest of your thread.  This idea is seriously easy and practically free!  Just keep the thread and the bobbin together with an elastic band!  The Modern Quilt Guild blog, who shared this ingenious idea has loads more ideas for storing your bobbins!

fabric scrap jars

Fabric Scraps are always a bit of a nightmare!  You chuck them in a bag which soon gets full and then you have spend ages sorting through them to find what you need for a little scrap busting project.  This idea has it’s limitations in terms of how much you can store and is really just for little scraps, but a row of pretty jars filled with scraps organised into colourways will not only look amazing but save time.  We think the beauty of having your scraps displayed like this is that you won’t forget them – that quilt may get started after all!  Image from

sewing machine needle storage

You have to go and visit to take a look at this brilliant tutorial for organising your sewing machine needles! A great way to quickly find and keep in stock of the needles you need – all the best seamstresses ensure they have the correct needle for the fabric they’re sewing and this will give you no excuses for winging it because you can’t find the right needle in your stash.

sewing pattern storage

Jennifer from Workroom Social has a great idea for effectively organising your sewing patterns.  Readers of Love Sewing will already have a vast array of pattern sheets and full size paper patterns which need to be kept safe so that the pattern can be used again and again!  Jennifer has a box and stores each pattern in a large brown envelope, she cuts off the front of the pattern pack and sticks it on – this way you’re not trying to stuff patterns back in to tight envelopes and there’s room for additional notes and importantly the traced pattern pieces which allow you to keep the original pattern in tact.

storing sewing patterns

Some people are just so organised!  

We hope you are inspired to tackle your craft space and come up with some clever storage solutions yourself – please let us know how you store your sewing supplies – do you have an epic sewing box to rival the manliest tool box, or are you lucky to have one of those dreamy sewing rooms with built in storage!  Leave us a comment or come and find us on facebook where there are lots of like minded sewing enthusiasts that can help answer any of your sewing and dressmaking questions – Love Sewing on Facebook



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