3 Ways to Sew up a Cushion Cover

Sewing cushion covers can be the be the very first project that kindles your love of sewing…  so how do you sew cushion covers, there are a few different techniques, some easier than others…

Cushions can add the finishing touch to a room, they can bring a colour scheme together, add gorgeous textures or add a beautiful pop of colour to brighten the room.  If you buy them on the high street you’ll never quite get the perfect fabric to suit your existing colour scheme – sew your own and you can create cushions with the perfect fabric.

delia creates cushions

Image Credit – Delia Creates

Sewing your own cushion covers is quick and easy.  Use inexpensive fabric and you will save yourself a lot of money!

It’s great to be able to change your cushion covers with the season and if you sew up your own you can keep your room decor fresh and match cushion covers to your mood (not just your curtains!).

If you wash or change your cushion covers regularly, you will need to ensure they are easy to get on and off.  Sturdy seams and a strong opening, either a zip or a flap are essential.  After you have mastered the basics you can have fun designing patchwork cushions, using different texture fabrics, adding embellishments, ties and bows, adding applique patches, piping, lace – even screenprinting fabric to make your own designer cushions. 

3 Techniques for Sewing Cushion Covers

We wanted to share 3 tutorials from sewing bloggers which each show a different approach to sewing up a cushion cover.  

Envelope Pillow Cover tutorial

The Envelope Cushion Cover 

This is the easiest and perfect for smaller cushions as you don’t need any kind of fastening!  With a bigger cushion you will need to add a button or a little velcro to ensure the flap isn’t too…  flappy!

The technique is very simple – you create an opening by overlapping the fabric, this creates a flap where you can slot in the cushion easily.

Take a look at this brilliant and easy to follow envelope technique tutorial for sewing a cushion cover from Delia of blog DeliaCreates

invisible zip cushion tutorial

invisible zip cushion cover tutorial pattern

The Invisible Zip Cushion Cover

This is how most cushions you will buy in a shop come – an invisible zip sewn into one seam so the cushion is the same both sides. Don’t be afraid of zips, it is not a dark art to sew in a zip.  To sew a zip into a cushion cover you’ll need an invisible zipper foot for your sewing machine.  An exposed zip can look ugly and be uncomfortable so it’s worth practising on cheap fabric if you have never sewn an invisible zip before.

This great tutorial from Katie of Sew Katie Did, shows how to make a cushion using an invisible zip.

cushion cover with zip


zipped cushion with hidden flap

The Covered Zip Cushion Cover Technique.

The zip is not in the seams in this technique but at the back of the cushion.  You create a flap to cover the zip – Chrissie has used this as an opportunity to add a pretty contrasting fabric, but you could just use the same fabric if you want it to be less obvious. If invisible zips aren’t working out for you, this method might suit as you can hide the zip instead with a fabric flap. Chrissie also shows how to use fusable strips to secure the zip before you sew – a great tip!

Take a look at Chrissie’s tutorial for sewing a cushion with a covered zip.


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