Types of Sleeves!

Learn how to sew different types of sleeves!

There are many different types of sleeves and each type can completely transform the look of a top or dress.  Learning how to sew lots of different types of sleeves can mean that with one pattern you can create so many different looks, just by changing the sleeves.

Not every sleeve type will suit you, we all have different shape arms and shoulders and where a ruffle sleeve may look pretty for some, it could look terrible on the wrong arm!  The choice of fabric will also have a huge impact on how a sleve hangs, so take time when considering your sleeves!

sewing sleeves tutorials

A little sneak peek at our feature on Sewing In Set Sleeves with Alison Smith, from Issue 5


Stuck on Sleeves?

Do you find sleeves a bit scary and tend to opt for making clothes without them!?

Our dressmaking expert Alison Smith loves them and in this month’s issue she shares some fabulous tips and advice on how to get the perfect pair of matching sleeves when dressmaking.  You can buy issue 5 here – it comes with a great free cover gift and sewing supplement!

In todays post we have found three tutorials for different types of sleeves, Ruffle, raglan and Tulip, we’ve also dedicated a Pinterest board to the art of sewing sleeves, to save you time hunting for inspiration!

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Let us know if you find sleeves really tricky to sew up, or if not we’d love to hear which part of dressmaking do you always dread?!  Do share your pictures (triumphs or failures – we may be able to help!) we love seeing them pop up on our Facebook Wall and Twitter Feed.

There are so many different types, not just long or short! – here are a few to consider learning to sew when you are looking at altering the sleeves on a garment or pattern. Have you tried any of these, how did you get on?

  • Plain ‘Set In’ Sleeve
  • Cap Sleeves
  • Ruffle Sleeves
  • Raglan Sleeves
  • Floaty Sleeves
  • Puff Sleeves
  • Ruched Sleeves
  • Petal Sleeves
  • 3/4 length Sleeves

Tutorials for Different Types of Sleeves

Ruffle Sleeves

sewing ruffle sleeves

Ruffle Sleeves – tutorial from Sew Sew Easy – this top looks really feminine and fun with these delicate sleeves added.


Raglan Sleeve


The Raglan Sleeve extends all the way to the neckline, often seen on casual clothing like T-shirts, you can see the seam clearly in this photo – Here’s a tutorial from the blog “It’s Always Autumn” – showing exactly how to create a well fitting t-shirt like this with raglan sleeves.

Tulip Sleeves

tulip sleeves

Tulip sleeves are very flattering as they have a little give and they don’t cut straight across the arm, so you don’t draw attention to the width of your arms as happens with many short sleeves. We found a great tutorial with details of how to measure up and make Tulip Sleeves (click on the images in the post to enlarge them!), and this lovely image of how great a tulip sleeve can look, here on the Sorbetto Top made by Mika at Savory Stitches

kimono 7794

In issue 5 of Love Sewing we also have a free Robe Pattern so you can now create a top with these beautiful and very on trend floaty sleeves too!



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