Handmade Gift Bag Tutorial from Baby Lock

Want to take your handmade gifting up a level this Christmas? Discover this exciting handmade gift bag tutorial from baby lock below. In less than 15 minutes, you can have a gift bag for all occasions. Why not use the wave stitch, a rolled hem or one of the many other fabulous stitches your baby lock machine has to offer to create your own ribbon.


Handmade Gift Bag: How to Make

Step 1:

Measure fabric to desired length and width. Then, use an overlock or zigzag stitch to neaten the top edge.


Step 2:

Fold over the top overlocked edge about 3“, wrong sides facing

Press flat.


Step 3:

Lay the ribbon on the right side of fabric with the fold of the ribbon on the edge to be sewn. Pin in place.


Step 4:

Fold the fabric in half right sides together, making sure the top edges line up.


Step 5:

Carefully walk the fabric to the needles using the balance wheel. Then, once the needles are in the fabric continue to overlock all the way down. After that, rotate and overlock the bottom edge of the bag.


Step 6:

Turn the bag right side out et voilà!


We hope you enjoyed this handmade gift bag tutorial. Discover baby lock’s full range of innovative sewing machines at

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