Fabric Storage Tips and Folding Fabric

If you are lucky enough to have a little dedicated space or even a whole room just for sewing you may want to look through our Pinterest board full of ideas for storing fabric.

We’ve picked out a few of our most recent sewing pins for you with the theme of Fabric Storage – you can find the whole board here – Storing Your Fabric Stash

This did make us chuckle – just about everyone who loves to sew will relate to these fun sewing storage labels!

Fabric Storage Ideas

We just love the ‘Wall of Wow’ below from blogger Monique! Imagine if your craft room looked like a haberdashery like this, you could spend hours in there. Quite often we hear from dressmakers and quilters that they don’t like to have their fabric stored like this in the light as it can bleach the exposed fabric.  Although it just looks so stunning to have all your fabrics displayed on a wall, a work of art! 

A compromise may be to ensure that the storage is on a wall where it does not get direct sunlight to minimise damage to any fabrics which have been there for longer than a few weeks.


This wall of fabric also made us go a bit week at the knees!



To keep fabric out of the light you could use a dresser like this one. Fabric storage dresser


Or perhaps a filing cabinet full of fabric! far more interesting than using it for the household admin!

 filing cabinet sewing storage

Would you like a shelving unit full of beautifully folded fabric.  To get the neat finish of a fresh bolt of fabric and turn your sewing space into a room to compete with the haberdashery on The Great British Sewing Bee, you need to learn how to professionally fold fabric.

If you don’t have a dedicated storage room, you can use your fabric stash as a decorative piece within a living or dining room.

In this beautiful craft room tour, Karen also shows you exactly how to perfectly fold your fabric so they can be stored neatly (and so you can spend hours just staring at your stash and planning your next project from Love Sewing Magazine!

how to fold fabric properly

We all get left with little fabric scraps and it’s a great idea to store them neatly so you are actually able to easily find the perfect piece.  You’ll need to get into the habit of doing it as and when you create scraps as otherwise it can be a huge job! This post from Jennifer has lots of ideas for fabric storage, including Folding Fabric Scraps


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