beginner dressmaking patterns

Beginner Dressmaking Patterns (save 30%)

We have a bundle of three beginner dressmaking patterns for you to try, including the much-loved Cocoon dress which so many dressmakers have fallen in love with. It’s so well loved because the instructions are so easy to follow and the dress suits a variety of figures, and for something so simple it has such a contemporary and elegant look. Watch the brilliant Cocoon pattern Sew Along video by Jessali Handmade for inspiration! (find it embedded at the end of this post)

Along with the famous Cocoon Dress, we have a pretty tie-back top and a kimono style dress in this beginner dressmaking bundle. They are all very easy to sew with really clear instruction booklets. The relaxed tie back top means that fitting won’t be a problem and the kimono dress will also allow lots of room for beginners who haven’t perfected tailored fitting. Here are three of the sewing bloggers who have sewn up and reviewed these patterns (all very positive reviews as you can tell by their smiley faces!), find all Simple Sew patterns review here – Simple Sew Blog.

3 beginner dressmaking patterns

Dressmaking for Beginners – Learn to Sew

We have a growing archive of tips for dressmakers and helpful guides for those of you starting your dressmaking journey and learning to sew garments with a sewing machine. Read our useful post for getting started here – Dressmaking for Beginners

If you’ve dreamed of sewing your own clothes and you’re looking for a way in, Simple Sew Patterns are ideal. For more experienced dressmakers you’ll find them quick to sew and many offer different views to allow you to try something new with a sleeve or a neckline. we have loads of bundles on offer – so if the Dressmaking for Beginners bundle isn’t right for you browse through all our bundles in our offers page!

dressmaking for beginners pattern bundles



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