Sewing with Knit Fabrics (plus pattern and fabric offer!)

We are always getting questions about how to sew jersey and which patterns are great for beginners to try with knits and jersey fabrics, so we have put together a bundle especially for you! A gorgeous wrap dress, a t-shirt and ballet style top – all very flattering and designed for beginner dressmakers. Plus read our tips for sewing with Jersey fabric using a standard sewing machine and download our free stretch guage to help determine the stretch of your knit fabrics.

minerva offer

Plus you can save 10% on all jersey fabrics at Minerva Crafts on our offers pages! (we also have offers for denim and cotton lawn, so do take a look around if you’re planning to boost your fabric stash!)

Try your new skills on these 3 Patterns which are perfect for knit fabrics!

Sewing Tips – sewing jersey and knits on a normal sewing machine

tips for sewing jersey

Read our article packed with tips for sewing jersey using a standard sewing machine – you don’t have to rush out and buy an overlocker to start with knits and jersey! However, if you do decide that you would like an overlocker in order to achieve those perfect seams and hems, read our tips for buying an overlocker post.

determining stretch in knit fabrics

Determine how much stretch in a knit fabric


Knit fabric is great to sew with, but how do you know just how stretchy your jersey fabric is? Download our handy knit guage which will help you determine how much stretch you have. When choosing a sewing pattern designed for stretch fabric it’s wise to consider what type of knit is recommended and find something similar. Knit fabric has either a two-way stretch (only stretching across the cross grain, selvedge to selvedge) or a fourway stretch (in both directions). The maximum stretch will usually be found on the cross grain. As well as measuring the amount of stretch, it’s also useful to note the recovery of a knit fabric. That way, you can avoid your once well-fitting T-shirt becoming baggy over time.

download free sewing pattern


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