Tessalate Top Size Guide

Size guide for the Tessalate Tee 

Perfect for the gym or just as a casual top, you’ll love this useful top pattern which you can find as a full size pattern sheet in this month’s Love sewing issue 23.

work out tee 2

Unfortunately the table showing the sizing details managed to get missed off the instructions – we’re really sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.

Tessalate Tee Sizing Chart

Bust 84cm 90cm 96cm 102cm 108cm 114cm
Waist 63cm 69cm 75cm 81cm 87cm 93cm
Hips 90cm 96cm 102cm 108cm 114cm 122cm
Bust 33” 351/2” 38” 40” 421/2” 45”
Waist 241/2” 27” 29 1/2” 32” 34” 361/2”
Hips 351/2” 38” 40” 421/2” 45” 48”
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