When did sewing become so cool!?

So when exactly did sewing become so cool?

We asked on Facebook to see how many of you had started sewing after The Great British sewing Bee – overwhelmingly most said that you had taken up sewing before the Sewing Bee hit our screens two years ago.

We were surprised more of you didn’t say after, but not completely. We feel that perhaps the reason for a new trend in sewing TV programmes on our TV’s has been as a result of the resurgence of sewing and dressmaking as a mainstream hobby, rather than the cause of it.

Whatever the reason we absolutely love that you are all so keen on dressmaking and sewing and hope that we can continue to support your creativity and inspire you with sewing patterns and tutorials each month!

We’d love to hear from you, when did you take up sewing? – join the conversation on our Facebook Page!


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