Get the Love Sewing Look! Glamorous Hair and Makeup Tips from our Stylist!


We know that you love making up the free dressmaking patterns from our magazines, we love seeing the pictures you post on our Facebook wall, proudly showing off your work. We also often get comments about the beautiful styling of our cover models, so once again we asked our stylist Alison McMath to share some tips on how to achieve the ‘Love Sewing’ look from our most recent issues.



Get Josephine and Abi’s Look

I gave Josephine and Abi an elegant and easy to do faux bob. For a modern twist you can wear in an asymmetric fashion. If it’s more ‘Downton Abbey’ you are looking for, pin the hair up slightly more to give a real 1920s feel.


This style works best on medium to long hair. Hair that’s been washed the day before as it is much easier to style.

Make a horizontal parting about 3”/8cm up from the nape of your neck, from one side to the other.

Clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

You now need to create a base in the back which you can pin the rest of your hair into. This can be achieved in several ways. Either:

  1. Make a tight plait and twist into a small bun in the nape of your neck or
  2. Back comb and make a roll into the nape of your neck, securing in place with bobby pins or
  3. Roll your hair around a hair donut and secure with bobby pins into the nape of your neck.

Spray your hair with a thermal or heat protecting spray.

Use a heated wand to curl each section of hair in a forwards direction.

Secure each section in place with a double pronged hair grip.

Lightly spray with light hold hairspray and allow to cool.

Whilst your hair is setting, apply your makeup.

Remove all grips and use your fingers to separate and loosen the curls.

Gently brush out your hair and manipulate it with your hands to form waves.

At this stage (optional) you can hold the waves in place with long section clips.

Gather together the ends of your hair at the back and roll under to form your faux bob.

Pin into the hair in the nape of your neck that you prepared earlier.

Repeat with the right and left sides.

Spray with a light hold hairspray.

For added glamour, secure a jewelled clip into one side, just behind your ear.


Flawless skin, shimmering smokey eyes for seasonal glamour and pretty highlighter on the brow and cheek bones. You can change your look completely by simply using a different shade of lipstick.

When creating a smokey eye, it’s a great idea to start by doing the eyes first. Then if you drop any colour onto the cheeks you can clean if off with a drop of moisturiser on a cotton bud without having to re-apply your foundation.

For real drama, apply a deep plum lipstick to finish this look perfectly.

Create a Smokey Eyed Makeup Look for Christmas Parties


1) Face primer – helps to minimize pores to give a flawless finish.

2) Eyelid primer – helps prevent creasing and makes your eye shadow colours pop. If you don’t have eyelid primer use a tiny dot of foundation and blend over the whole eyelid.

3) Create a smokey eye by starting with a beautiful light shimmer under the brow bone. Use gold or silver depending on your outfit.

4) Apply a medium colour in the socket line. Green or gold would be good choices for Christmas parties.

5) On the outer lid use a smouldering deep purple, grey or black shimmer and blend with a clean brush to soften any harsh edges.

6) Take this colour all the way under the eyes using a smaller brush.

7) Black or deep purple eye pencil applied close to the lashes (top and bottom) and smudged with a brush will finish the shading for added drama.

8) Lashings of black mascara and for a real wow factor, apply false eyelashes.

9) Clean away any residue of eye shadow and tidy under your eyes with a dash of moisturiser (or primer) on a cotton bud.

10) Apply foundation with fingertips a brush or damp cosmetic sponge.

11) Under eye concealer – evens out darker pigmentation under the eyes.

12) Add blusher to the fullest part of the cheeks.

13) A dusting of translucent powder on your T-zone will remove any unwanted shine.

14) Bronzer – Use a fan brush to create contour and shape under your cheek bones (blend into your blusher), around your hairline and jaw line.

12) Use a lip pencil to coordinate with your lipstick and outline your lips for the perfect pout.

13) Choose either nude for understated glamour, fusia is fabulous with blues, red for a classic seasonal lip or a deep plum for some va va voom!


Alison McMath is a specialist in vintage hair and make-up styling and makeovers. You can see more of her work at her website,

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