Pretty Sewing Boxes (for your wishlist!)

A selection of gorgeous sewing boxes that you’ll want to add to your wish list.  Which is your favourite?

Pretty Sewing Boxes

You don’t need a sewing box, you could use a tool box from a diy shop…  well maybe that’s what you thought before you saw these beauties!  

cath kidston sewing box

Cath Kidston Sewing Box

You knew that Cath Kidston would have something stunning, in fact she has a whole selection of sewing boxes in different sizes and fabrics, we love this traditional padded design in Provence Rose fabric.


John Lewis Traditional Wooden Sewing Box

A timeless classic, people have had sewing boxes that look like this in their house for generations.  If you don’t perhaps now is the time to buy a sewing box you can pass down to your children and theirs to come.


Liberty Sewing Box

We love this design, it’s just like a traditional hat box and of course the fabric is classic Liberty print, it comes in a number of different patterns.  This is a sewing box to have on display in pride of place.


Owl Sewing Box

A classic design with contemporary owl material, we love this sewing box from Stitcher.sewing_box_button_top.jpg

Tiered Sewing Box

This sewing box would make a lovely gift – it’s tiered and the top is designed to look like a giant button.


Couture Sewing Box

This little couture sewing box would have just enough space for the essentials – a lovely gift idea or perhaps just a pretty addition to your sewing room.


Button Sewing Box

This would look fab in your sewing room! A giant button that doubles up as a handy storage space for your needles and thread.


Pretty Cantilevered Sewing Box

This sewing box is really pretty, it has the traditional cantilever design but has been updated to include these pretty pin cushions on top.


Perhaps one of these giant Bobbin storage stools could double up as a sewing box!

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